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Tat Chuan Acoustic Pte Ltd is the leading player in the audio distribution industry. Based in Singapore, it is the authorised distributor for Sonos and Klipsch, along with the other major brands like Erato, 360fly, LunaTik, SANUS, Alphason , Flexson and many more. TC Acoustic also services countries in South East Asia, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Taiwan, Brunei etc.. All products purchased, come with valid exchange warranty policy, technical support and service assurance from the best technicians in the industry.

  1. Gift Card code is only redeemable at Tat Chuan store located at 1, Coleman Street, The Adelphi.
  2. This Gift Card can be used for general, sale or promotion items.
  3. This Gift card is valid for 6 months from the Date of Issue. If not redeemed within this period, all rights accruing to this Gift Card will lapse. No refund or exchange will be given.
  4. Multiple redemptions are allowed on this Gift Card. This means that the customer may choose to use an amount, which is less than balance amount on card.