At our core, we are a Singapore homegrown company that helps brands and corporates provide their people - employees | customers | colleagues - with eGiftCards that are as close as possible and flexible to use like the money that they earn - whether it is on needs or wants.

Due to Covid-19, there has been an unprecedented change in all manners -- the economy, the nature of engagement of people with brands, spending patterns, and the expectation of non-monetary forms of revenue (eg: eGiftCards) that are usable at different channels than earlier. Therefore, in our capacity, we are prioritising providing our technology to brands and corporates that are operating in the following spaces:

  • Need-ecosystems (eg: groceries, pharmacies, fuel, food, transport, bill payments).
  • Scaled retail brands that require a revenue-generational digital presence soonest.
  • E-commerce brands that are able to support at scale wants/needs of Singaporeans.

If your brand or your corporate belongs to any of the above spaces, please reach out to us on hello@mooments.com.

Stay safe, strong, and kind,
Team Mooments!