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  1. Visit Carrie K. Atelier at the National Design Centre. Location
  2. Post product selection, present your Mooments gift card code at the payment desk
  3. Once the cashier enters your Gift Card code in their system, you will receive an OTP. Share this with them
  4. Redemption completed

Based in Singapore, Carrie K. is a premium silver jewellery brand with an intricate eye for detail. This brand does not just create beautiful jewellery but tells stories through playfully, provocative artisan-crafted jewellery as its antidote to a world that takes itself too seriously sometimes. Carrie K. has helped to invigorate the Asian jewellery scene with its tasteful off-the- wall silver adornments. They create playfully jewellery that challenges traditional notions of what makes something precious and desirable. Their designs celebrate the beauty of imperfection and marvel at the mundane in everyday life. And yet, they are a little old school about taking the time and care to handcraft meaningful, covetable, little loves that will be valued for a long time. It is not just jewellery that they create. They create memories.

  1. This Gift Card is valid for use only at Carrie K. Atelier at the National Design Centre in Singapore

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  3. This Gift Card is not exchangeable for cash

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