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  1. Visit Flare Wellness salon at Bugis Cube. Location

  2. Once you finish using their services, present your Mooments gift card code at the payment desk.

  3. Once the cashier enters your Gift Card code in their system, you will receive an OTP. Share this with them.

  4. Redemption completed :)

Flare wellness is an organic beauty salon delighting and pampering Singaporeans since 2009. Based on the 5th floor of the Bugis cube, Flare wellness provides a sanctuary in which one can be whisked away in their mind from cares of life and enjoy the rare tranquility found in this hidden beauty heaven. Based on every individual’s wishes and needs, Flare’s facial treatments are customized to find the perfect balance between skin refinement and relaxation. Its approach to facials is holistic and they use only organic products inspired by nature for women. They provide customised treatments to suit every skin type and problem. Their products are all organic, too. Shampoo, skincare, scents, baby care, body care, sun protection, body and face oils and organic/mineral cosmetics, and much more. No machines, extractions and harmful chemicals are used.

  1. This Gift Card can be redeemed only at Flare Wellness salon at Bugis Cube.

  2. This Gift Card can be used for general, sale or promotion items.

  3. No minimum purchase required.

  4. This Gift Card is valid for a period of 12 months from the Date of Issue. If not redeemed within this period, all rights accruing to this Gift Card will lapse. No refund or exchange will be given.

  5. Multiple redemptions are allowed on this Gift Card. This means that the customer may choose to use an amount, which is less than balance amount on card.