Fujifilm Year Album Gift Card
Validity 12 months

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  1. This Gift Card can be redeemed only once.

  2. Visit www.year-album.sg and download Year Album software. This software can be used only on a Windows platform.

  3. Once you download the software, Register and then create an album.

  4. Make sure you are connected to the internet, and at checkout, type in the Gift Card code to redeem and place your order.

The main feature offered by Year Album is an automatic preview from a massive amount of images by Image Organizer software with 3 Smart functions - “Smart Select” function which recommends suitable images from still images automatically, “Smart Layout” function which provides suitable image layout corresponding to each photo product and “Smart Casting” function which sorts the images of main and important characters determined by consumers. Fujifilm’s proprietary Image Organizer technology helps to select, layout and cast key people automatically by analyzing every single image in only 5 minutes*, just by inputting three conditions - storage location, time period and page volume of album. The Year Album editing software enables users to select the main and important characters. The key people to appear on the Year Album can be changed simply by clicking on the candidate. Other features include adding and deleting of images, editing and decorating the proposed page layout, choosing of cover colours, adding of album titles, stamps and comments. Year Album is made with Fujifilm’s high-quality album paper and lay-flat binding with hard cover to ensure optimal storage conditions.

  1. This Gift Card can be redeemed only once.

  2. This Gift Card is valid for a period of 12 months from the Date of Issue. If not redeemed within this period, all rights accruing to this Gift Card will lapse. No refund or exchange will be given.

  3. This Gift Card must be fully utilised when making payment (Any unutilised amount will be forfeited and shall not be refundable). So while redeeming, please ensure of the Album type that you choose.