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  1.   Visit Indian Curry House restaurant located in Upper East Coast Road. Location

  2.   After you indulge yourself in their awesome Indian cuisine, present your Mooments gift card code at the payment desk.

  3.   Once the cashier enters your Gift Card code in their system, you will receive an OTP. Share this with them.

  4.   Redemption completed :)   

Indian curry house is a cosy fine dining Indian restaurant in Singapore. They fashion themselves to be a casually sophisticated tandoor and curry restaurant that invites you to discover the sensational flavors of their seasonally changing menu, thoughtfully pairing every savory Indian meal with some exceptional wine. Indulge yourself in an unparalleled fine dining or casual dining experience; one that satiates your palate and keeps you coming back for more. Try their ever popular mouth-watering signature dishes such as the fish cakes, tandoori crab claw, badshahi tandoor chicken , chili garlic prawns , lamb shank and pistachio kulfi. Spicy, rich, and diverse are terms that are frequently used to describe their food. The vibrant colors, rich aromas and flavors make it an experience for your palate and your eyes.

  1. This Gift Card can be redeemed only at Indian Curry House restaurant located at 27, Upper East Coast Road

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