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Mail to with your gift card code and preferred subscription details, and our friends Julius and Cheryl at Josh & Cherie will get the books delivered to you.

Times are changing. Children are distracted and occupied by smartphones and tabs. And we ask ourselves, why not a book? Josh and Cherie are striving to bring back the magic of children’s books. A classic. A fairytale. A portable magic. Books for kids means going back to the basics. So let your child fall in love with reading. The books are carefully curated and sourced from around the world, and have received extremely favorable reviews by both parents and educators alike. Every month, they hand-pick and gift- wrap a parcel of books to be sent to your child. Hence, every time a Josh & Cherie parcel arrives in your mail, it is just like receiving a gift! The idea is for your child to nurture an excitement for reading, to discover the magic of books at an early age.

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