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To satiate your love for Indian food, to redefine its very image, and to set new standards in fine dining, Maziga Indian Bar and Grill brings you all the traditional favorites with new and never heard before twists to resonate with the ever-inquisitive and modern palate of every Singaporean. Nawabi kababs served in burger buns. Shorba with a tinge of cappuccino. And bhatti murg served in quesadillas. This is Indian food like you have never known before. And to add to this, Maziga also serves cocktails and mocktails to thrill and excite you. The full-view bar looks quite enticing if you are in the mood for something exotic from the land of Maharajas. Maziga also promises a gamut of performances from Bhangra troupes showing you their moves and to get you grooving to the beats of dhol and tasha.