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Creating fashion since 1989, Mini Raxevsky represents one of the leading companies worldwide in children's clothing. With its diversified collections Infant, Baby and Junior as well as the particular Christening series, Mini Raxevsky meets perfectly the needs of demanding little customers from the moment of their birth to the age of 14 years old. Mini Raxevsky creates children’s clothing with distinctive design, and year after year, adds its own unique touch to the treasures of children's fashion. Starting in Greece, Mini Raxevsky has grown over the past 27 years to also establish itself in Italy, Armenia, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Qatar, England, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Lebanon, Mexico and more. With faithful commitment to excellent quality, original design, a combination of comfort & style, and competitive prices, Mini Raxevsky is the go-to brand in the world of children’s fashion.

  1. This Gift Card can be redeemed only at Mini Raxevsky store located at The Centrepoint mall, 176 Orchard Road

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  3. This Gift Card is valid for a period of 12 months from the Date of Issue. If not redeemed within this period, all rights accruing to this Gift Card will lapse. No refund or exchange will be given

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