How many times have you been unable to decide on the perfect gift that will make your loved ones so happy that they feel over the moon? Chances are you’ve struggled as much as most of us did.

One of our friends, a 30-year old physicist, likes to read non-fiction a lot. So for his birthday, knowing that he has a love for reading, one of his aunts brought him a Mills & Boon romance book. Now think of him imagining himself reading about a young couple exchanging sweet nothings and serenading around trees. Oh my!

Before becoming one of us, one of our colleagues was invited to a birthday party. He couldn’t spend time thinking about what to buy for the birthday girl, so in the last minute he bought a big bouquet of flowers thinking it would be sweet. Guess how many bouquets did the girl get that day? 12 of the 20 people who were invited gave her flower bouquet. No prizes for guessing that her house had become a small garden for a week, and she confided in our colleague later that she secretly wished people had asked her what would she want for her birthday.

In both the instances above, what is the problem that you see? What we see is that people like to make others happy, but are unable to choose the best way to gift them something that they would love the most. So to take your stress out of gifting and help you choose the best gift for your friends/family/loved ones, we’ve created Mooments. We will help you create euphoric moments because happiness isn’t enough.

Let us tell you a little more about Mooments. It is our love child that has been carefully created over many days and nights to help you with one thing – put emotions back into gifting. We are an online gift card platform that partners with well-known businesses and little-known treasures for you to discover them and surprise your loved ones with a gift card. Your girlfriend likes bags but you don’t know what specifically? We are with you friend. Choose from our big list of partners and give her a gift card. Let her choose what to buy – this will make both of you happy. Someone you know scored an 88/100 in a test? Yay! Congratulated them by sending a gift card worth 88$. You’ve gotten a promotion at work? Gift yourself something. Come explore us – we promise you will have a great time.